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2D & 3D, Algorithmic, Animated, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Codework, Combinatory, Generative, Glitch, Hypermedia, Immersive, Interactive, Kinetic, Locative, Mobile, Multimedia, Networked, Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual World, Web-Based/Net—these are some of the qualities found among the 41 collections of digital art and writing at The NEXT.

Envisioned as a combination museum, library, and preservation space, The NEXT maintains and makes its archives accessible for the next generation and responds to the growing need for open-access, travel-free cultural and research experiences for today's public and scholars.

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The Rob Wittig Collection

Visit The Rob Wittig Collection that features four of his early hypertext works produced between 2000-2001.


Mythic Hybrid by Prema Murthy

Prema Murthy's Mythic Hybrid, a web-based work that reveals the challenges of women workers in the microelectronic industry in South Asia.


Art intelligent

Intelligent art is an online experience highlighting the interactions between humans and machines as collaborative learning processes nurturing the knowledge of both.
April 24th - October 31

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