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Hypertext novels. Twine stories. Kinetic poetry. Interactive Fiction. Generative literature. Historical recordings of electronic literature performances, interviews, and readings. Artists’ and scholars’ papers and essays. These are just some of the archives found among the over 30 collections of 2500 works of born-digital literary art and other forms of media at the Electronic Literature Organization’s The NEXT.

Envisioned as a combination museum, library, and preservation space, The NEXT maintains and makes its archives accessible for the next generation and responds to the growing need for open-access, travel-free cultural and research experiences for today’s public and scholars.


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Individual Artists & Scholars

Discover the work of individual artists and scholars from around the world donated to The NEXT

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Online Journals

View works published in online experimental journals from 1995 to the present

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Explore the exciting works published in the Electronic Literature Collections

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Engage with curated selections of born-digital media featuring literature and net art

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Scholarly Publications

Study the many scholarly publications held in The NEXT

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ELO Archives

Celebrate the origins of the Electronic Literature Organization through its historical media

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Along with Searching for individual works using the Search Tool, visitors can also see visualizations of materials held in The NEXT.

Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1
Tap on nodes to explore links between artists and their works of the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1.