Art intelligent

The NEXT is proud to present its first exhibition of AI art. Curated by Alexandra L. Martin, curator and co-curated by Élisabeth Savard, “intelligent art” features collaborations and interventions made possible by artificial intelligence. As expressed in these works, AI reflects the artist’s vision and demonstrates the technological potential of this media form.-- Dene Grigar, Curator, The NEXT

Intelligent art is an online experience highlighting the interactions between humans and machines as collaborative learning processes nurturing the knowledge of both. Automatic language processing, optical character recognition and multimodal interactions with today's best-known artificial intelligences are put on show in algorithmic performances.

Written language represents a zone of experimentation for ideas conceived in the subconscious and transformed into text or vocalized. In Intelligent art, the learning processes that nourish, encompass, and liberate expression and meaning making are confronted with our increasingly nuanced exchange with artificial intelligences.

The three artworks presented in the exhibition display collaborative creativity between humans and AI to explore, question and expand our understanding of the social and educational structures englobing writing in the contexts of childhood creativity, classroom experimentation, and higher educational institutional policy.

The exhibition is realized in conjunction with artificial intelligences to generate website code, improve interface accessibility and interaction, and to translate texts between the exhibition’s two languages, French and English. Funding is provided by the research team in Multimodal Media Literacy and the education pole of the Littérature Québécoise Mobile partnership at the Université du Québec à Montréal.


Alexandra L. Martin, curator | Élisabeth Savard, co-curator | Samuel Lambert, interface design | Gaël Patron, web development and animation.