Among the first collections acquired by Electronic Literature Organization are those associated with showcases. These are environments, like Turbulence (1996-2015), founded by Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington, that actively sought out artists to feature online and commissioned their work through grants and other means of support, or like the Museo do Essencial e do Além Disso (1998-2010), founded by Regina Célia Pinto, that experimented with modes of exhibition for online museums. Visitors will also find works published by Voyager, one of the foremost pioneers of digital publishing. The most recent acquisition is the weak blood project led by Reiner Strasser and containing the 29 works he created for it.


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1998 - 2010

Museum of the Essential and Beyond That

The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That was created by Brazilian artist and scholar Regina...

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1996 - 2006

Turbulence is the influential art community founded in 1996 by Jo-Anne Green and Helen...

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1991 - 1996


The Voyager Collection is an archive of 53 digitized versions of the publishing company's...

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weak blood

weak blood was an multicultural, multigenerational project created by Reiner...

Viewing 1-4 of 4 Results