The Glitter Strip

"Emotional Cities 2: The Glitter Strip" posits that it is "not technology making our wires, nodes and swimming data streams, our ever growing networks, beautiful. Instead it is the stories/poetics, the forever coalescing narratives that form the inter/intranet into a vitally compelling mosaic. To explore, simply mouse-over/navigate to an appealing square, click and click, read, contemplate connections and repeat. Sydney’s Siberia recreates how networks build exploratory story-scapes through an interactive zooming, clicking interface. Using 121 poetic/story image tiles, the artwork dynamically generates mosaics, infinitely recombining to build new connections/collections based on the users movements." -- From ELMCIP


The Jason Nelson Collection

An unpublished copy.

This copy was given to ELO by Jason Nelson in May of 2018. Preserved with Conifer by the Electronic Literature Lab. Copy media format: web.