NY/SF Poetry Collection: 40th Street

One of the poems in a series called NY/SF Poetry Collection with an Introduction by Alan Kaufman and a Photo Essay by Ralph Ackerman. Organized by poets, the poems in the series are:

San Francisco -- West Coast
Katie Degentesh
  Colors Are Named for the Light Rays They Don’t Admit
  I Hate to be in Love Like I Hate a Vacation
Jack Foley
  After the Festival
  The Skeleton's Defense of Carnality
Abie Hadjitarkhani
  To You of the Fire
Alan Kaufman**
  He Makes Me Smell Him
  What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
  Why I Love Her
David Meltzer**
  What Am Jam
Harold Norse**
  The Ex-Nun and the Gay Poet
Eugene Ostashevsky
  Effect of Language
  I Struck Rhetorical Poses
Alan (Prohm)
Jan Richman
  An Arm & A Leg
Margery Snyder
  Gravity, Buoyancy
  Inter-Species Conversation
  On the Kalamazoo-Chicago Flight
  She Called to Tell Me
  Signs II
Tarin Towers
  Fourteen Opening Stanzas From Poems That Have Never Been Written

New York -- East Coast
Jim Feast**
  Why Do I Know So
Bonny Finberg
Rob Hardin
  Monk's Madrigal
David Huberman
  Find Your Way Home
Ron Kolm**
  JFK Remembered
Tsaurah Litzky
  Mary Magdalene's Song
Joe Maynard
  Gun Spelled Backwards is Dung (dedicated to Jackie Chan)
Sharon Mesmer
  Song of Myself
Eileen Myles**
  40th Street
Michael Randall
   Our Bodies, Ourselves cut-up w/ Hellfire, the Jerry Lee Lewis Story
Thad Rutkowski
  Hello, Nuremberg
Tom Savage
  The Thief of the Heart*
Lorraine Schein
  Surrealist Mayoral Poem
Mike Topp
  Adult Money
David Trinidad**
  Monster Mash
  The Late Show
Alfred Vitale
  Everybody Wants to be the Buddha
Carl Watson
  Early Contemporary, Late Modern
Carol Wierzbicki
  Careerist's Reading

** Artist's photograph is included in the Photo Essay.



Published in 1999 by BeeHive in Volume 2, Issue 3.

Dr. Talan Memmott and J. Patrick Forden gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in Summer 2018.