Marble Springs 3.0

"Deena Larsen has been a new media addict from the early 1990s, with an MA from the University of Colorado on Hypertext and Hyperpossibilities—after fighting the grad school because the paper was on disk and did not have one-inch margins." "This hypertext narrative poem was written in HyperCard and published by Eastgate Systems in 1993. Using multiple interfaces and links, it tells the interconnected stories of the inhabitants of this small town in Colorado opening spaces for the readers to weave in their own narratives into the work. In 1998 Larsen wrote a 2.0 version in HyperCard, including audience contributions from the 1.0 version, but it was never published because HyperCard was discontinued by Apple. Building on Leighton L. Christiansen's 2012 master's thesis, in which he carefully documented and catalogued all the nodes in the second edition, Larsen created a 3.0 version using the online wiki service WikiDot. This version adds new poems, links, nodes, indexes, and the ability for audiences to contribute some of their own connections and poems to a work that is already epic in scale." -- From Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Published in 2016 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018.