Ars Poetica

"Zenon Fajfer (1970), Polish poet, playwright, creator and theoretician of liberature (a new literary genre fusing text with the unconventional shapes of the book), and inventor of “the emanational poem,” an original, interactive form in which Fajfer creates invisible dimensions of text. He also uses new media, writing his own type of kinetic poems and hypertextual poetry." "Despite that this work resembles kinetic poetry made in Flash, the author proposes a new name to describe his work - electronic emanational poems. In these poems he creates invisible, simultaneously coexisting dimensions of text that can be actualised in the kinetic (electronic) versions of such poems. The emanational form was first used in Oka-leczenie and (O)patrzenie, two books authored by Z. Fajfer and K. Bazarnik, identified as LIBERATURA, a literary genre integrating text with the material form of the book, which inspired a new literary movement of the same name. The poem was written in Polish in a static, printed form in 2004 and published in Fajfer's bilingual collection of poems dwadziescia jeden liter / ten letters (Krakow: Ha!art Publishing House, 2010). The Polish electronic version was created in 2004 in collaboration with Marcin Lewandowski." -- From Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Published in 2016 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018.