Argot Ogre, Ok!

"Andrew Plotkin is an interactive fiction author and narrative game designer." "Argot Ogre, OK! is a Taroko Gorge metawork that engages with the coded schemas of the original and of the remixes. The piece perfectly captures the philosophy of the larger Taroko Gorge set, as it works with the fundamental pieces of procedural poetry. Plotkin draws upon the word lists of several other Taroko Gorge versions and recombines them. His addition is thus not at the textual level but in mutating the code itself, which represents a very different approach from most of the other works in this set. By drawing our attention to the encoded procedural methods of all of the pieces (and how they can be extended and combined), Plotkin highlights the arbitrariness of the word lists as fuel for the algorithm. The resulting output is not one procedural work, but many, as the remixes continue to generate new pairings and rulesets for playful poetics." -- From Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Published in 2016 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018.