Separation / Séparation

"Separation / Séparation is an interactive piece that reflects some of the physical and psychic disorders that result from intensive use of a computer. The text was written under the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which also functions as a metaphor for what happens to a writer (or 'cyborgauthor') who cannot create without, and has no identity apart from, the machine. The paradox is that separating from the computer is painful, but to write with it again is painful as well. Separation / Séparation has to be read at a very slow pace that, when not respected, collapses the text, with the result that the reader must perform a set of exercises as physical penitence. These exercises interrupt the reader from Separation / Séparation's literary text and thus strangely protect her against RSI. The game and dialogue among artist, machine, and reader facilitates a general reflection on the role of the body in processes of reading and writing." -- from Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2

Published in 2011 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018. Preserved with Conifer by the Electronic Literature Lab.