Fitting the Pattern

"As part of a long-term tradition of exploring the imbrications between text and textile, Fitting the Pattern literalizes the idea that an act of writing is also an act of weaving. Here stitches are links, cloth fragments also textual fragments, and the reader is the tailor who must bring it all together to complete the pattern and make the narrative cohere. Fitting the Pattern articulates familial and specifically maternal relations as and through domestic labor, implicitly tracing a line from dressmaking as women's work to a gendered writing practice." -- from Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2

Experiencing the Work

Visitors are presented with a graphic menu that requires cursor click in order to begin the work, though this menu is also available to keyboard input. Afterward, however, visitors are required to mouse over (hover) in order to reveal the story. Precise movements along pre-determined paths are required in order to succeed. The main textual content of this work appears in small sans-serif fonts and is rasterized, making it unavailable to screen reading technology or other such tools.


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2

Published in 2011 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018.