Shy Boy

"Shy Boy" is a "poignant poem [that] uses music, scheduling, and slight textual animation to tell the story of a shy boy. The arrangement of lines in time and space lead readers to experience the poem cinematically and spatially. Each line— and portion of a line— adds a layer to the 'shy boy' it describes, leading the reader into an experience of the work as designed by Swiss. The story's sadness is enhanced by the scheduling and music as each little portion adds to its tone. Wear headphones for a more emotionally powerful reception of the poem and be patient with its delicate pace to experience it in all its heart wrenching simplicity." -- From I Love E-Poetry


Cauldron & Net

Published in 2002 by Cauldron & Net in Volume 4.

Claire Dinsmore gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in Spring 2019. Preserved with Ruffle.js by the Electronic Literature Lab. Copy Media Format: Web.