Down Time, audio #4: “Burn In Mixes IV”

This audio recording is from a collection of seven music cassettes donated by Rob Swigart that contain Original Master Session Tapes for Down Time that he and Alan Strange produced.  "Down Time, audio #4" contains five files, "Burn In Mix #1", "Burn In Mix #22", "Random Access #1", and "Random Access #16."  One file is named but is illegible. The recording is dated February 17, 1996.

Down Time is a work that "consists of twenty-one stories of the computer age, connected by shared characters, events and objects. A police officer, a terminal patient, a computer technician, and a high-school guidance counselor are just a few of the characters we follow as they try (and fail) to understand themselves, their lovers, and the strangers they meet. Interactive elements allow readers to create their own paths through different stories, revealing new correspondences and connections." -- Eastgate Systems, Inc.


The Rob Swigart Collection

An unpublished copy.

Rob Swigart gave the materials for this work to Dene Grigar in April of 2020.


Audio File (.wav)