Cosmology of KYOTO

"Cosmology of KYOTO" is "set in the 10th and 11th centuries AD, during the Heian period when Kyōto was known as Heiankyō. It includes episodes drawn from the large body of tales, legends and illustrated literature produced during or soon after the Heian period. These vignettes are edited into interactive, experiential forms, to allow the user to realistically sense the worldview and lifestyles of an ancient time. The Game Mode of Cosmology of KYOTO is not intended to provide full historical accuracy. Yet the locales are thoroughly researched, and except in cases where the setting of an ancient tale is vague or unspecified, every effort has been made to match the places described in the contemporary literature with the locations in this game. Furthermore, the images in the game were created on the basis numerous illustrations and portraits from the Heian and Kamakura periods. The presentation of characters and events in the Game Mode does involve some implausible concurrences of historical fact. This game is not based on the sort of history which accords perfectly with a progressive, chronological flow of time. It seeks instead to convey the reality of the Heian period through a totality of many different images, arranged in sequences and combinations which unfold like dreams. The two operating modes of Cosmology of KYOTO offer different, complementary vantage points on the Heian period. In the Game Mode, the experiential realities of the time are interpreted in sets of images, while the Reference Mode explains the factual realities of the time on the basis of authoritative data." -- From the work's description


The Rob Swigart Collection

Published in 1993 by SOFTEDGE Inc..

Rob Swigart gave the materials for this work to Dene Grigar in July of 2022.


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