Earth Orbit

"Earth Orbit" is a hypertext essay created for Kolb's "Socrates in the Labyrinth." Its main path follows a circle. "Most points on that circular path also begin and end several secondary circular paths, and some of those have subsidiary paths of their own . . .

Each of the text spaces on the smaller circles has only one link, which leads to the next space on the small circle. Each text space on the large circle has many links leading to the smaller circles, as well as one link continuing the large circle. (The writing space "Vocabularies," which is second from the end on the big circle, has the most subsidiary circles: seven paths, some of which have their own subsidiaries.)

. . . This hypertext's form attempts to allow linear discussion to branch and return without forcing the whole discussion into one linear order. Aspects of the topic are explored without a final conclusion. The circles (or epicycles) also return the reader over and over to certain texts in the larger circle, to read them in what should become larger contexts each time. Finally, an interruptive voice occasionally questions the form and language of the discussion."

The text presents some points in Heidegger's conception of the being of things, questioned by a more scientifically minded inquirer. Many works and ideas are mentioned in passing." -- David Kolb, "Introduction"


The David Kolb Collection

An unpublished copy.

This copy includes application files for StorySpace as well as project files. These files are not made available on The NEXT due to copyright. David Kolb gave the files for this copy to Dene Grigar in 2022.