Aristotle's Argument

"Aristotle's Argument" is a hypertext that was produced for David Kolb's "Socrates in the Labyrinth." It demonstrates "how an argument could be laid out using the mixed hypertext structure discussed in 'Socrates in the Labyrinth.'

The text presents a simplified version of an argument from Aristotle. The argument concerns the need for a being on whose activity the changes in the universe depend. I offer an interpretation of portions of a complex argument whose details and overall conclusion remain controversial.

All the links in this hypertext are text links anchored to phrases in the writing spaces. . . . All the links are one-way; you can close the new text window in order to return to where the link originated. If you are reading the text in a way which preserves the location of the windows, you will find that as far as possible they have been positioned to be just below (or just above) the sentence to which they refer. This hypertext arrangement allows the work to model the relations between parts of the argument and make available space for comments of all sorts." -- David Kolb, "Introduction"


The David Kolb Collection

An unpublished copy.

This copy includes application files for StorySpace as well as project files. These files are not made available on The NEXT due to copyright. David Kolb gave the files for this copy to Dene Grigar in 2022.