Radio Salience

"Radio Salience" is a work by Stuart Moulthrop that, according to him, "came from the same failed attempt at academic writing that produced Deep Surface and Under Language. This one is more than not-not a game, using actual matching logic to trigger transitions from a dwell state, in which slices of imagery flicker in and out, accompanied by a surreal collage of radio scanning, and a lock-in state in which a privileged text appears. An earlier draft, called 'Human Voices,' had the poetry in my own voice. I couldn't stand this and called in the robots. Except for Nick Montfort, who doesn't like robot voices, the world is happier.

The work has inspired enough interest to prompt a French translation, Empreinte radio, from Stefan Sobanski and Bleu Orange. The first time I showed this project, on a sneaky reappearance at an ELO gathering in 2006, it occurred to me that that dwell state may be a lot more fun than any of the resolutions. Truth dawns slowly for some. See End of the White Subway a few years later." -- Stuart Moulthrop


The Stuart Moulthrop Collection

An unpublished copy.

Stuart Moulthrop gave this copy to Dene Grigar in 2020.