War Games

"'War Games' by Jennifer Ley is anchored with information about land mines and is green with yellow text. Along the top of the site there is a war game in which the user tries to catch a land mine that is speeding back and forth across the screen. A slogan such as 'Catch the Land Mine!! Win a free prosthetic device!!' is the header above the game and when the user clicks the land mine, the user is taken to a separate screen to claim the prize. The prize screen has a picture and text about the consequences of land mines, such as facts about the number of lost limbs due to land mines in Cambodia. There is a link to go back to the main screen to try the game again, and new information about land mines is centered on the main site. One fact read, 'clearers manually search with a metal detector and a pointed stick and, like archaeologists on a dig, extract the mines with small digging implements.' This information is flanked by complementary photos as well. The site also has a link to the Canadian Landmine Foundation which highlights the activist intent driving the piece by Ley." -- From Electronic Literature Directory



Published in 2001 by BeeHive in Volume 4, Issue 2.

Dr. Talan Memmott and J. Patrick Forden gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in Summer 2018.