Sprawling Places

"Sprawling Places" is "a large hypertext about our new kinds of places, suburban sprawl, and what makes a stretch of space into a human place. Are contemporary places as bad as some critics claim? Are we building "non-places"? Are we imprisoned in a universal Disneyland? In this text I argue against the concepts used to attack contemporary places as inauthentic, unreal, or commodified. I develop a new critical perspective that emphasizes the need for complexity in places and fights against oversimplification. We can get beyond critiques that emphasize the problems of places today without also recognizing their new possibilities." -- David Kolb

This text "contains over 100,000 words and nearly a thousand images, on over 600 pages. Some of the pages are quite short, others are longer.' It was created for the web using Eastgate Systems, Inc.’s Tinderbox and offers an accompanying book published by the University of Georgia Press." -- From Rebooting Electronic Literature, Volume One


The David Kolb Collection

An unpublished copy.

This copy contains the web hypertext as well as several work files involved in the process of producing the text. David Kolb gave the files for this copy to Dene Grigar in 2022.