Critical Sections

"Critical Sections" is a project that "unites architecture and cinema, specifically the domestic spaces of architecture and several iconic domestic spaces from movies, to ponder the city of Los Angeles through the emergence of new narrative spaces as they are conjured by the project's user. Certainly the union of architecture and cinema is nothing new. And indeed, Smith points to the influence of Bernard Tschumi's project The Manhattan Transcripts and its own blending of architecture and cinema. However, part of what is fascinating about Smith's collaboration with designer Erik Loyer is the creation of an improvisational space for realizing these connections. Moving several steps beyond the linear structure of conventional scholarly writing, Critical Sections allows users to explore, play and recombine elements from a visually rich palette of possibilities." – Steve Anderson, Vectors Editor



Published in Summer, 2012 by Vectors in Volume 3, Issue 2.

This copy was given to the Electronic Literature Lab by Erik Loyer in November of 2021. Note: this flash work incorporates a database and preservation work is ongoing to make it function as intended. In the meantime, we have made the work available as a playthrough. Copy media format: web.


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