ThoughtMesh: Tag your writing. Join the conversation.

"ThoughtMesh," which was "created as a collaboration between Jon Ippolito and Craig Dietrich, aims to facilitate the intelligent parsing and tagging of the content of academic articles hosted either externally on the net at large or internally on the Thoughtmesh server. The system then generates connections via tag clouds of the contents of all articles tagged using Thoughtmesh protocols. Like all metadata schemes, Thoughtmesh is only as useful as its community of users makes it and its power grows exponentially as more users begin to see its value and feed their own content into the system. Each issue of Vectors features at least one such "tool to think with," which invites contributions and functionality beyond the bounds of a one-time publication. Part of the promise of Thoughtmesh is its appeal to clearly defined constituencies within the academic community. And while certain sectors of academia – particularly in the humanities – continue to struggle to see the value of online publication, Thoughtmesh offers to amplify the value of electronic publication by making it not only more timely, cost-effective and widely distributed, but also more intelligent, dynamic and contributing to a more vibrant cultural discourse." – Vectors Journal Editorial Staff



Published in Fall, 2007 by Vectors in Volume 3, Issue 1.

This copy was given to the Electronic Literature Lab by Erik Loyer in November of 2021. Copy media format: web.


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