True North

In "True North," "award-winning poet Stephanie Strickland sweeps poetry and hypertext, tumbling ideas, histories, numbers, maps, and legends into a passionate meditation on navigation - on all that is involved in finding "true" north.

Transmuting worlds, lives, and idioms into a powerful whole, Strickland brings together Bell's Theorem, quaternions, Noah Webster, Mother Goose, laser gyroscopes, the lives of Emily Dickinson and Josiah Willard Gibbs, the Amistad mutiny, and the MX missile, to tap a human voice deep within universal abstraction.

-- Eastgate Systems, Inc.


The Stephanie Strickland Collection

An unpublished copy.

This copy was given to the Electronic Literature Lab by Stephanie Strickland in Spring of 2018. This copy is bundled on a generic CD-ROM with To Be Here as Stone Is and The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot (files). It is labeled in the artist's hand "Stephanie Strickland Presentations 2/2000."