afternoon, a story

"afternoon, a story" is a work of electronic literature written in 1987 and "known as the first hypertext fiction. Afternoon was first shown to the public as a demonstration of the hypertext authoring system Storyspace, announced in 1987 at the first Association for Computing Machinery Hypertext conference in a paper by Michael Joyce and Jay David Bolter. In 1990, it was published on diskette and distributed in the same form by Eastgate Systems. The hypertext fiction tells the story of Peter, a recently divorced man who witnessed a car crash that may or may not have involved his ex-wife and their son." -- From ELMCIP


The Richard Holeton Collection

Published in 1990 by Eastgate Systems, Inc..

3.5 inch Floppy diskette printed with label "ZMSI 11 TEXT MEYER MEDIA" by the Stanford Library Media Center and marked "Master." This copy has no folio. A second copy is in the original folio. This copy was given to the Electronic Literature Lab by Richard Holeton in Spring 2019.


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