Included in this exhibition are works by Uribe published in BeeHive and The Iowa Review Web, which includes "The Grand Parade" / "El gran desfile," "Smirmish" / "Escaramuza," "Balance" / "Equilibrio," "Balance 2" / "Equilibrio 2" as well as "Orchestra Rehearsal" / "Ensayo de orquesta" and "The Orchestra" / "La orquesto." The editors of the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3 write: "The late Argentinian poet Ana Mara Uribe (1944-2004) wrote visual poetry from the 1960s with a keen typographical eye that imbued letters with character. Her Typoemas are very much in the Concrete poetry tradition imbuing the typed word on the page with 'verbivocovisual' energy. Her Anipoemas lean more towards a Lettrist tradition, imbuing statuesque letters with personification through motion. Her tools were very basic: sequencing typographic images into animated GIFs to create simple animations that breathed life into letters. Some of her later works used Flash to integrate sound, perspective, and graphical manipulation, animation of the letters she made dance, march, and more. We are offering a mirror of Jim Andrews' publication of Uribe's complete works in"--From Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

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