This exhibition of Flash works post-December 31, 2021 would not be possible without a lot of assistance and support.

First, any work featured in the exhibition had to be preserved since Flash is no longer supported by contemporary browsers. Assisting me with this task were two advanced students from the Creative Media & Digital Culture (CMDC) program, Andrew Thompson and Arlo Ptolemy. I thank them for their patience even as ruffle.js deprecated a few days before the exhibition went live. I appreciate Nicholas Schiller's help in showing them how to utilze Webrecorder.

Second, I appreciate Holly Slocum's keen eye and her help with producing the design of the exhibition site. Because "afterflash" is the first exhibition hosted in The NEXT and also the first exhibition featuring treasures from its "vaults," she was tasked with setting the tone and style for future exhibitons to come. No small feat.

Third, I want to thank Greg Philbrook for his assistance in building and configuring the server space on which the exhibitions will be hosted. Patience is one of his many virtues.

Thanks also go to CMDC alums Keegan Walden, Ruth Woodcock, and Joel Clapp, who found and optimized 100+ images for the site.

I also thank Dragan Espenschied and Mark Beaseley of Rhizome for making Conifer available to us and for finding a solution to the server needs of the visitors to this exhibition.

Thank you to the artists who have trusted me to preserve their work and make it accessible to the public.

Finally, special thank you to the ELO21 organizers, Scott Rettberg and Soren Pold, as well as the media art show curator, Jason Nelson, for inviting me to mount this exhibition in conjunction with the many others featured at the event.