Amor de Clarice

"Amor de Clarice" was originally published as a work of hypermedia on CD-ROM with an accompanying book by Ediões Universidade Fernando Pessoa and re-published as a version for the web in the Electronic Literature Collection 2 in 2011. It is "based on excerpts from the short-story 'Amor,' by Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. The poem is animated text that can be clicked and dragged by the reader, with sounds assigned to the words. In these poems, the original text (the hypotext) is also present, as a multilayered but static background. The use of text, image, video and sound can be found in this poem, aiming at the promotion of processuality (the incompleteness of an open-work); interactivity (wreading and re-writing of previous texts); hypermediality (integration and multimedia convergence); and networking (interaction, collaboration)."--From Electronic Literature Collection 2

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