The Dazzle as Question

"The Dazzle as Question" is a poem that "uses the time-based nature of digital media to examine the construction of a lyric voice in new media. Through the voice of an 'old school artist' fascinated by computers and their potential for artistic expression, the poem uses the rhetoric of left and right sides of the brain to create a kind of cyborg voice by blending the logical capabilities of the computer and left side of the brain with the creative artistic human side. Part of this construction is evoked by the images of fountain pens, a writing technology iconically associated with poets (writing in solitude, as their imagination soars), and a desktop mouse (inscribing binary code onto bitmapped metaphorical interfaces). If writing allowed the transition of the lyric poem from the public to the private domain, does the networked computer reverse that, or is it the self constructed by these technologies that changes?"--Leonardo Flores, I ❤️ E-Poetry

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