Everyone At This Party Is Dead

"Caitlin Fisher's Everyone at this party is Dead/Cardamom of the Dead offers a psychogeographic memory palace that a user can explore through through a virtual reality interface. Everyone at this Party is Dead stands as one of the inaugural literary pieces that explore the poetic capacities of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. Starting with a memory of a 21st birthday party in which all the guests are now dead, the haunting visual and aural fragments of traumatic memory are reinforced through an unsettling bodily awareness that arises from the embodied experience of immersive virtual space. In the same way memory is never linear or seamless, Everyone at this party is Dead/Cardamom of the Dead tears at the edges of virtual reality as a technical system and philosophical concept. The instability of memory, the play between truth and fiction, and the complex ways in which the past are being constantly remediated through this highly visceral mediation on the remembrance of things past result in a complex mediation on the relationship between media, memory, and death." "A co-founder of York's Future Cinema Lab and founder and Director of the Augmented Reality Lab, Caitlin Fisher investigates the future of narrative through explorations of interactive storytelling and interactive cinema in Augmented Reality environments." -- From Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3


The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Published in 2016 by Electronic Literature Organization.

The ELO gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in 2018.




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