Car Wash

"Car Wash" is "a short poem in two parts that feel quite different from one another. Upon opening the poem for the first time, readers are greeted by a kind of magnetic poetry interface: a collection of words they can drag and drop to write a poem from the words and letters made available. This serves two purposes: to prepare the reader for a different kind of conceptual poetry space which allows interactivity entertaining the reader while the main poem loads in the background at which point they can click on 'watch.'

It's worth reminding readers that when this poem was published in 2000, most people accessed the Internet via a 56-k modem, which meant that the 'high quality sound' version took about a minute to load— plenty of time to lose an audience if not engaged in some way. Megan Sapnar also used this technique in her 'Puskin Translation.' If you note the words chosen for this introduction and then consider the dedication and epigraph you'll soon realize that this opening isn't a distracting toy: it is preparing readers for the content of the poem." -- From I Love E-Poetry


Poems That Go

Published in 2000 by Poems That GO in Volume 2.

This copy was given to Megan Sapner Ankerson and Ingrid Ankerson in Spring 2019.