Eclipse Louisiana

"Eclipse Louisiana" is a hypertext poem that features "the use of background and text colors in conjunction with changing the background color when the reader places the pointer over certain locations in the text. The text is in two colors: black and light yellow, so by toggling the background colors, one can reveal different texts on the same page. The choice of colors resonate with the lunar theme of the piece, in which the dynamics of a relationship between men and women is likened to the relative positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Seen this way, the waxing, waning, and eclipses of the moon can be understood as different stages in a couple’s relationship— sometimes representing problems that not even a love potion can resolve." -- From I Love E-Poetry


The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Collection

An unpublished copy.

Marjorie Luesebrink donated this work to the Electronic Literature Lab in September of 2021.

Cauldron & Net

Published in 2000 by Cauldron & Net in Volume 2.

Claire Dinsmore gave this copy of the work to the Electronic Literature Lab in Spring 2019.