Beyond the Click: Experimental Methods for Navigating & Experiencing Hypertext

  • Kate Pullinger, babel, Stefan Schemat
  • The Breathing Wall (2005)
  • Using the Hyper Trance Fiction (HTF) System

Kate Pullinger, babel, and Stefan Schemat's The Breathing Wall is a hypertext narrative that harnesses the Hyper Trance Fiction (HTF), a software created by Schemat that responds to the human breath via a headset positioned beneath the reader's nose. When the reader relaxes their breathing, they can access parts of the story. This work saw its world premiere in July 2004 at the trAce Online Writing Centre's Incubation conference held at Nottingham Trent University and hosted by pioneering artist and theorist Sue Thomas. Visitors can see the headset at the "Treasured Artifacts" in the exhibition.