Conserving Hypertext Art

  • Stuart Moulthrop's Victory Garden
  • Translated from Storyspace 2.0 for the Web with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • 2022

Considered one of the major hypertext novels produced in the late twentieth century, Victory Garden was hailed by critic Robert Coover of The New York Times Review of Books as "the benchmark" for digital writing. As Grigar remarks, "[i]t remains one of the only works of hypertext fiction that addresses the turmoil wrought by war on those both serving in battle and staying behind. While the plot focuses on the relationships of people from the fictional university town Tara, the Middle East serves as a backdrop for the mood and tone of the story" ("The Novel's Storyline"). The work had been inaccessible to the public since the demise of the Macintosh Classic Operating System. The version featured in this exhibition is the reconstruction of the work for access on the Web.

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