Authoring Systems & the Art They Wrought

  • Lorenzo Miglioli's RA-DIO
  • Created with Storyspace for MS-DOS
  • 1993

RA-DIO is a seminal hypertext created by Italian artist Lorenzo Miglioli. Designed for the Macintosh computer and the Storyspace platform and, later, extended to PCs running the MS-DOS operating system, it was distributed on two 3.5-inch floppy disks, along with the book of the same name, in a plastic sleeve. The book and electronic media constituted a joint venture between Castelvecchi Editore and Human Systems as part of its experimental series, "Elettrolibri." The former was an established publisher that had the rights for RA-DIO. While Miglioli's hypertext is published on the two disks, it also appears in the the book as a print out. The project was wildly popular with the available copies selling out before more could be printed. The version used for this exhibition came on a floppy disk designated for the Macintosh computer but was only accessible on a PC. The second disk is formatted for MS-DOS.