Treasured Artifacts on Display at the Exhibition

  • Manuscripts of Notes Beyond Absolute Zero (1993-2019)
  • by Tim McLaughlin
  • Photograph by Holly Slocum, the Electronic Literature Lab

During McLaughlin's Traversal of this work with Grigar hosted by the Digital Scholarship Commons at the University of Victoria Libraries in 2019, McLaughlin gifted THE NEXT with its print three editions. The 1993 Edition that he refers to as a "Hypertext Fiction" is an unbound manuscript with a hand-lettered cover by the author, produced while in Ireland and dated spring 1993; the 1994 Edition, which consists of all of the lexias from the digital version printed on paper as note cards of "Hypertext," dated 1993-Early 1994; and the 2019 Edition, a self-published bound book, titled Notes Toward Absolute Zero: A Long Prose Poem, dated January 2019. All three are on display so as to complement the digital version featured in the exhibition.